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European Board of National Archivists (EBNA) is a gathering of the National Archivists (Directors-General) of the National Archives Services of the EU Member States. EBNA convenes twice a year under the chairmanship of the EU-Presidency in question. In their meetings the National Archivists discuss the strategic questions of their profession and services: preservation of electronic records, digitisation, theft and natural disasters inflicting archives etc. A major recent question is EBNA’s relationship to the new actor in the archives field in the EU, namely the European Archives Group (EAG).

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One thought on “About EBNA”

  1. Dear collegues,

    The national Archives of Georgia wants to be a member of European Board of National Archivists. How can we manage it ?

    Thanks in advance
    Natalia Gladchenko
    Department of Public and International Relations
    National Archives of Georgia

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