Berlin, Germany European Board of National Archivists 2007

The 15th conference is taking place in Berlin, Germany April 26-27th 2007

The Chair, Professor Dr. Hartmut Weber, President of the Bundesarchiv, opened
the meeting by welcoming all participants of the XV EBNA Conference to Berlin, in
particular the representatives from the two new EU member states, Bulgaria and
Romania. Mr. Weber expressed his special gratitude for the presence of the Minister
of State to The Federal Chancellor and Federal Government Commissioner for
Culture and Media, Mr Bernd Neumann, and asked Minister Neumann to hold the
keynote speech.

As Mr Neumann pointed out, EBNA is an excellent example for this joint effort to
build Europe together. One of the great successes EBNA achieved was the
Resolution on Archives which the Council of the European Union adopted on 6 May
2003. EBNA also initiated the Report on Archives in the enlarged European Union,
being the base for the Council Recommendation of 14 November 2005 on priority
actions to increase cooperation in the field of archives in Europe. It recommends
promoting prevention measures for archives in the context of natural catastrophes or
other harmful incidents, to establish and maintain a European Internet portal for
archives and to increase in cooperation on safeguarding the authenticity, long-term
preservation and availability of electronic records.

On the second conference day, the fourth working session focused on how to participate in the forthcoming European Digital Library (EDL) Project and discussed different ways of cooperation. Professor Dr. Angelika Menne-Haritz, vice-president of the Bundesarchiv, presented the activities of the Bundesarchiv on developing a union finding aid for an Internet gateway to archives and discussed different solutions of how to integrate archival content into the EDL. The majority of delegates from the EU member were firmly interested in creating an Internet Gateway for archives in Europe based on the EAD standard.
The internal EBNA Business Meeting approved on the following key subjects for the next EBNA Conferences: protecting cultural property, disaster prevention management, archival standardisation (especially for archival buildings), The European Digital Library Project, evaluating and auditing archival structures and working processes, identifying key performance indicators for archival working processes, commercial uses of digitised archival materials.

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